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Holiroots featured in BIOwelt Magazine📢👀

Being the first one in a business-oriented media, this long-awaited publication gave us goosebumps🪿. 

Holiroots is in BIOwelt Online Magazine💥 Yes, it is time for another Holi-celebration! What’s the big deal, you might fairly ask? Well, an opportunity to share our journey in BIOwelt Magazine is a confirmation that we are “growing up”. But beyond that it shows that socially-oriented like ours are being given the voice and space among the big players. This is a strong reason to be optimistic and excited for the future!

We are very grateful to Heike van Braak and Maureen Overberg for the warm-hearted approach to interviewing and ability to transmit our messages in the most genuine way. Titled “Cracker statt Tonne” (cracker instead of a bin), the article came out even better than we wished for: honest, inspiring, and insightful. Read it here and let us know what you think🤓

Enjoy reading!

(Please note that the interview is in German🇩🇪).

A photo of the article

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