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Holiroots @ New Food Festival 2024 – “The Future of Food is Now”

Hey there, foodies and future enthusiasts! Ever wondered what the future of food holds? 🌱

At Holiroots, we’re all about envisioning a world where food isn’t just delicious but also healthy and environmentally friendly! 😋 Picture a colourful array of options that not only offer a rich experience but also nourish your body and respect our planet’s resources.

But let’s face it, this ideal foodie vision isn’t guaranteed. Climate change and agriculture are strongly interlinked (food system makes over a quarter of the greenhouse gas emissions 🧐), so the choices we make today about food
 production and consumption will shape our culinary future. This was the central theme of the New Food Festival, a recent gathering in Stuttgart where over 300 innovative minds from around the DACH region came together to discuss solutions and share ideas.
This festival showcased a variety of approaches to tackling food system challenges, from cutting-edge technology to simple everyday changes. Did you know that reducing food waste could significantly lower emissions? (by 6-8%🧐) That’s why we’re proud at Holiroots to do our part with our organic crackers made from rescued vegetables.🥕 And you can join us by making conscious choices about what you eat!

A big thank you to CrowdFoods and all organizing partners for creating a platform where food changemakers can connect and collaborate. We’re excited to see the delicious innovations that come out of this event! For more highlights from the New Food Festival,  don’t miss the insights from SWR4 BW’s article! Ready to dive in? Tune in to hearsome of the festival’s impressions! 🎧
To see more of the Holiroots Crowdfoods Festival highlights check out our latest posts on Instagram and LinkedIn🔎 


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