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Holiroots rescue veggies that do not pass the farmer's gate and turn them into healthy and yummy vegetable crackers!

Our farmers network - Delochting

You surely are aware that tons of food are thrown away in supermarkets, at home, restaurants, etc. But did you know that tons of good veggies never pass the farmers’ gate? Just because they are too big, or too small, not pretty enough, they don’t have the ‘right’ shape, or simply due to overproduction. This food loss hurts our environment, and it is a huge economic loss to our farmers. IT IS #TimeForChange💪

#nomorefoodwaste #fromfarmtocracker

Our farmer's network

We partner with organizations that align with our values and vision.

De Lochting is a thriving organic (horticultural) company within the social economy.

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Calling all farmers! If you're battling food loss, reach out to us at our contact info 📧!

It is time for...
disruptive innovation,
holistic & circular business
& diversity & inclusivity
#ChangeMakers 🚀🌱

Together, step by step, we can build a better world 🌍

Holiroots founders and team

Holiroots team is as diverse as our veggies and the world!
Diversity,  interdisciplinary and women power are the basis of our corporate culture.

We are Paola and Duyen, two women united by the eagerness and courage to contribute to a more sustainable, inclusive, and equal society.

Born and raised on different continents, the uniqueness, and strength of our startup are based on our differences.

We founded Holiroots during our master’s degree in Bioeconomy at the University of Hohenheim. On our short but rich journey,  we have learned that our diversity is not just a part of the company culture, but the very heart of it.

Let's forge a better food culture together!

This is how we do it:

  1. Time to listen!
    We partner with farmers to rescue the most ‘wasted’ veggies, making them the star of Holi-Crackers 🌟!
  2. Healthy people, happy people!
    Our products are crafted for a healthy, feel-good meal. Packed with 30% fresh veggies (no powders), high in fiber, NutriScore A, and lower in calories than other crackers!
  3. Organic and vegan!
    All our products are organic and plant-based, leaving a minimal CO2 footprint and no harm to animals!
  4. The closer, the better!
    We strive to work with regional farmers who are close to our production facility.
  5. Walk the talk!
    We’re committed to partnering with local farmers near our production facility 🌾🤝
  6. Together, we can make real impact!
    Join us in raising awareness about food waste. Together, we shape a brighter future by supporting social impact business 🌍🤝
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