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Holiroots Bio paleo diet
Holiroots has nutriscore A
Holiroots crackers are made from more than 35% real veggies
Holiroots reduced Calories Low Carb Snacks
Holiroots fiber rich foods
Holiroots palm oil free crackers

Our crispy assortment

image of a package of our carrot pretzel s
image of a package of our beet pretzel s
image of a package of our leek snack s

our mission

We are Paola and Duyen the founders of Holiroots. We are committed to
build a better future for our planet by creating more sustainable, healthy, and super delicious food!

How? By helping farmers by rescuing good vegetables and turning them into healthy and yummy vegetable crackers!

Paola and Duyen, Holiroots founders
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Rescued vegetables count


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