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Holiroots team

The Holipower of small actions!  🌱

Launching a food start-up teaches you life lessons like no other. You learn on the fly, soaking up wisdom from every success and stumble. And we have had pretty massive stumbles!

But when your mission goes beyond profit to make a positive impact, that’s when the real journey begins. It’s about staying true to your values while navigating the tough terrain of the market. And through it all, one lesson stands out: the power of having a solid support system.   🌱



Take the launch of Holiroots organic veggie crackers in Belgium in 2023, for example. It was by far not just our team that made it happen. Our network, family, business partners, and even fellow start-ups who shared their insights – they were all part of the ride.  But beyond the tangible support lies something even more powerful

– the kind words and encouragement that fuel our spirit. These acts of kindness are the Holipower that keeps us going, especially during those inevitable moments of doubt and overwhelm. 🧡  


So why do we share this with you? Because we all dream of making a difference, right? Saving the planet, helping people – often the big stuff. But sometimes, we feel too small for the task. Well, here’s the thing: small actions matter. When you stop by at a start-up stand on a fair and appreciate the idea,you breathe life into their vision. When you choose eco-friendly products, you’re not just making a purchase – you’re championing a sustainable future. When you offer advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, you’re lighting the path forward. And yes, even a simple like on a social media post can give that very needed feeling of being valued. 🌾 




The bottom line? Collectively, our potential knows no bounds. 🌍✨


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