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Voila! We cracked another pitch 🚀

When a four minute pitch can be your gateway to the market, you want it to be flawless. And we Holi-rocked it🚀

In April 2024 we were among 12 start-ups (from 70 applicants) selected to pitch at the voilà!-stage. The stakes were high – voilà! offers a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present the product in front of the most important decision-makers of the German (and not only) retail industry!

And guess what? In spite of the fierce competition we got invites to not only one, not two, but three retailers! Can you believe it? The upcoming talks could be out ticket to getting our Holi-Vegetable-Crackers on the shelves across Germany. So, get ready because our launch is just around the corner…

For us, being chosen for both the pitch and these exclusive talks is a massive validation. It shows that our crackers are ready to take on the German market. Reason to celebrate? Holi-yesss! We find it crucial to acknowledge every single win and the team work that took us there 🍾.

But let’s be real – our journey to that stage was not smooth, we faced rejection the first time. But you know what? With three application rounds each ear, we picked ourselves up and came back even stronger and more dedicated. So here is our message to all of our fellow start-ups out there:

Don’t let rejection or tough competition knock you down. Let it fuel your determination!! 

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